Yes, we do consulting by offering professional and expert advice pertaining to product photography at your facility! We offer a workshop for artists, online shop owners and anyone who would like to photograph their own products without the cost of hiring a professional photographer every time you add a new product.

In today's online marketplace, photography is key to communicating your brand and selling your goods. A beautiful, well-styled picture can elevate your product, build trust, capture media attention, attract your ideal customers and generate revenue. But how do you create those engaging images?

Let us get your product photography back in-house, where it belongs. In addition to the cost savings, in-house product photography will speed up your turnaround time and increase flexibility. We can evaluate your business' product photography needs, provide advice on equipment and setup, and get your in-house staff up to speed on the entire process.

Often referred to as "table top", "product", "catalog", "advertising", "still life" or even "eBay" shots, we will cover lighting and how to organize your shoot around a tabletop.

Our 1-on-1 photography training and workshops are perfect for artists, small business owners, entrepreneurs, makers and bloggers. Both Dimi & Scott are skilled photographers and patient instructors who teach you the skills you need (in plain English!). We can even develop a personalized session that covers everything you need to know, from choosing a camera and creating a photo setup, to lighting and styling, to editing and sharing your images.

Learn how to take great photos of your products and find out how to make your images look that little bit better on the web and in print.

Offering the following the service:

  • Onsite walkthrough of your workspace

  • Recommendation of equipment needed

  • Personalized onsite photography training for your team

  • Lighting

  • Staging/styling

  • Tethered shooting

  • Exposure

  • Background removal {photo editing}

  • File management

  • Workflow with post processing and file preparation

If your business shoots hundreds or thousands of images per month, we can get the process automated and in-house to save time and money.

We offer general product photography instruction, which covers composition and lighting techniques, the technical aspects of photography (exposure, depth of field etc.) and what to do with the images once you have transferred them from the camera (including image processing in Photoshop or Lightroom and using the images for both web and print).

All of our teaching is customized to individual client requirements, which means we can include special aspects such as color management and digital camera profiling if needed.

If you're new to product photography and don't already own the equipment you need, we are happy to advise you on what's suitable, before any training takes place and even select the items you need.

** Please note that we do not sell any equipment - we will simply make recommendations, allowing you to shop around for the best price.

Interested in our photography consulting? We offer a complimentary walkthrough of your location and from there we will build you a personalized quote. Up to four "students" will receive 12 hours of personal 1 on 1 training at your location and will include a recommended equipment list for your future purchasing needs. Our services start at 3200 within the greater Phoenix surroundings.

Need a testimonial? We even include their contact info so you can reach out to them!

"We own an auction house with a nationwide online bidding audience, and a firearms store with a large online customer base and photography is literally the lifeblood of our success.  If our bidders can't see quality, not just in the items they are bidding on, but also in the staging, lighting, and clarity of the photos they will shop elsewhere.  Before we met Scott and Dimi our photos were mediocre at best.  After three short consultations Scott and Dimi literally transformed our photography department, and did so with respect for our small budget.  As a mom-and-pop shop they understood that we needed affordable suggestions for any new equipment, and shared with us lots of clever "secrets" that have our photos looking like professional photos that we are very proud of!  If you are thinking of improving your photographic skills do not wait one more second before calling Scott and Dimi!"

--Cheryl Todd / Pot Of Gold Estate Liquidations, LLC /